Colon Cleansing Diet – Colon Cleanse

The human body can become seriously toxic from any combination of eating habits, environmental conditions and stress. An unhealthy colon has the potential to cause discomfort and disease within the body. The ultimate goal of a colon cleansing diet is to become healthier and have more energy. There are several ways to detoxify the body through colon cleansing. A little research can help you find the colon cleanse diet that works best for you.

Eating Habits

If properly nourished, a healthy body is capable of cleansing and restoring the colon and other organs.  Some people are able to follow their own colon cleansing diet simply by changing the way they eat which proves to be an effective colon cleanse home remedy. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables provide the body with fiber and protein that helps with elimination.  Proper elimination naturally cleanses the intestines and stomach of the poisons that have built up from years of unhealthy eating.

colon cleansing dietDrinking plenty of fluids is important when following a colon cleanse diet. Water and other healthy liquids prevent dehydration and aids with stool elimination. Purified water, natural juice and green tea are considered the best fluids to drink on a colon cleanse diet. Drinking half your body weight in ounces each day is recommended.


There are several colon cleansing diet products on the market for people who need assistance in cleansing their bodies. Some of these supplements have added vitamins and herbs. Supplements with antioxidants such as choline and Q10 are very helpful with detoxifying the system.

The diet will usually come with instructions to help get the most out of the program. Many incorporate dietary requirements that work along with the supplement to keep you healthy while the body is being cleansed. Following the instructions of the colon cleanse diet carefully will prevent constipation, bloating and dehydration.


Incorporating fasting into a colon cleanse diet helps to remove toxins and shed extra pounds. The fast usually consists of eliminating food from the diet completely then drinking water, unsweetened tea or lemon juice, which also contains nutritional elements.

Usually a colon cleansing diet that includes fasting requires a breakfast with fruit in the morning and vegetables for lunch and dinner. Raw or lightly cooked fruits and vegetables tend to work more quickly in the cleansing process.

Environmental Factors

Eating correctly, exercising and supplements are excellent ways to help cleanse the body of harmful poisons. But even the best colon cleanse diet will not get rid of all toxins in the body. Humans are exposed every day to air pollution and water contamination. Chemicals in health and beauty products get into our bodies during normal grooming. To combat some of these effects, try to buy natural soaps and shampoos which contain less chemicals and dyes and organic fruits and vegetables to support your colon cleansing regime.

If you are looking for information on colon cleansing herbs we have a page on that topic.
An unhealthy colon can lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Processed foods, poisons in the water and air as well as chemicals found in products make it essential to flush the body of these toxins. A well planned colon cleanse diet is a good start to a healthier lifestyle.

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