Colon Cleansing Herbs For A Herbal Cleanse

Increased awareness of our health and bodies is making people more aware of issues we might never have considered before such as the possibility of using colon cleansing herbs. Avoiding toxins and eliminating natural toxins which build up in our bodies helps in our fight against certain conditions, illnesses and diseases.

Colon cleansing tea such as senna tea acts as a natural laxative designed to eliminate the buildup of toxins and matter in the colon, thereby aiding our digestive system and improving overall health.

Regardless of your health, build up of matter in natural pockets of the colon and intestines occurs even in healthy individuals. Over time this matter called mucoid plaque becomes black, sticky, hard and too difficult to pass through the digestive tract without help. After awhile mucoid plaque begins to decompose creating toxins and absorption of them into our system. This build up prevents absorption of good nutrients and eventually we begin to experience health issues such as a compromised immune system, gastro-intestinal problems, fatigue, and skin blemishes. Others uses these laxatives to lose weight which is not very recommended.

These standard herbal cleanses that should be part of your colon cleanse home remedy should at least contain one of these ingredients:

  • Rhamnus purshiana bark — which is the main ingredient helps strengthen the lower bowels
  • Cassia senna leaf — creates peristalsis in the intestines and secretions which aid in the movement of matter
  • Rhamnus frangula bark’s — acts in the large intestine
  • Berberis vulgaris bark — strengthens peristaltic muscles
  • Zingiber officinalis root — a mild laxative
  • Rheum palmatum root – stimulant, toner and cleanser
  • Stevia rebaudiana – has diuretic properties
  • Mentha piperita leaf – aids in digestion, acts as a mild sedative and tonic
  • Chamaemelum nobile – supports the liver, digestive and gastrointestinal systems
  • Lobelia inflate – alleviates disturbances in the digestive system
  • Hydrastis canadensis root – promotes absorption
  • Rubus idaeus leaf – tones stomach and bowels
  • Foeniculum vulgaris seed – soothing component
  • Capsicum frutescens – helps with elimination, absorption, movement and aids in the circulatory system

Colon cleansing herbs should never be used for any great length of time and you should consult with your doctor regarding its use and possible adverse effects such as headaches, cramping, diarrhea and nausea. A 2 week regime would be considered sufficient by the standards of most herbalists. If your using a colon cleansing tea as a way to relieve constipation you definitely do not want your body to become reliant on using these products which is another reason why you should not use a herbal cleanse for extended periods of time. You might want to look into possible causes of constipation if this seems to be the case for you that way you might be able to resolve your constipation problem more easily. You might also want to simply try a colon cleansing diet which might prove useful to you.
Our overall health depends greatly on a smooth running and efficient digestive system, and when build up and toxins naturally occur, they inhibit the mechanisms which facilitate this process. Using colon cleansing herbs for a herbal cleanse is a valuable component to rely on occasionally to keep the mechanisms fine tuned.

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